Third Meeting – summary for those that missed it

Our third meeting took place on Tuesday night. We were joined by three new faces, each of whom said they enjoyed the evening and will come again. We discussed what we had been getting out of the group and what we hoped to get out of it. Learning from others was a common theme as well as motivation and with one of our original members who came to the first meeting with only a vague idea of where to start now having a concrete idea for a novel it seems to be working!

We went onto discuss the description submissions. The feed back was constructive and each writer went away with points to think about. The most enjoyable part was finding out about others’ experiences and memories. Two members grew up in Kent but the different memories they had were illuminating. We found out about the work of prisoners of war in rural Kent, why the smell of beer makes another member nostalgic, experienced Wimbledon through the eyes of another member and got an impression of the local tennis tournament another played in as a child. We also were treated to an extract of a novel in progress from one of the other group members which made us all want to read more.

Next month’s task is to create a character by responding to a list of questions that were circulated at the meeting. The suggestion was that this character may inhabit the places we described as this month’s task in order to continue the theme we are exploring that our memories and own experience can prove a fertile ground for inspiration!

If you’d like to join us at our next meeting please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.


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