The Fourth Meeting – An evening full of Character

Whisky drinking vicars, elderly ladies dealing with malevolent machines, a coal miner grateful for his life, capable (but perhaps lonely) young ladies, opinionated great grannies and Badgers.

An unthinking badger

Yes. Badgers.

The group created some wonderful characters by answering the questions in the character questionnaire which had been the task for this month’s meeting. We were each surprised by how much information could flow from this simple exercise – each apparently straightforward question leading to insights into a character’s beliefs, desires and background enabling a multi-faceted, complex character to emerge – the vicar who drinks tea out of politeness, the woman who won’t admit she is anything but happy and in control, the great grandmother who made such an impression on her granddaughter, the coal miner whose sad memories sometimes catch him unawares, the arthritic old lady made of stern stuff and the badger that can unthink.

We all felt we got so much from the exercise and that it made our characters believable in ways that sometimes surprised us. Story ideas and pieces worth working on further were abundant as a result with one member having come up with the idea for an entire novel based around his character creation.

On the business side we also held our first Annual General Meeting during the meeting and have approved our Constitution with one small change to the quorum for Special General Meetings. This will be posted on the website soon. We also elected Officers: Sophie Guest as Chair, Elaine Bordereau as Treasurer and John O’Brien as Secretary, and set our annual subscription rate which is to be £24 for the year 1st June 2015 – 31st May 2016. We also agreed we should join the National Association of Writers’ Groups and that we shall open a bank account for the holding of group funds.

All in all another very enjoyable and productive meeting!

A malevolent machine
A malevolent machine

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