Dialogue with Alice Clark-Platts

Robin Wynne tells us about Tuesday night’s event – a dialogue workshop and chat with Alice Clark-Platts……

Alice Clark-Platts
Alice Clark-Platts

Six members of The Woldingham Writers’ Group were privileged to spend a few hours on Tuesday night in the presence of the author Alice Clark-Platts. Sophie kindly hosted our small group at her house and we were all asked to bring a transcribed conversation which we had overheard recently.
Alice was extremely likeable, and presented herself comfortably. She explained how she had founded a writing group in Singapore (where she now lives with her husband and children), and then proceeded to ask us all a little bit about ourselves and our “writing journeys” so far.
This was followed by each of us reading out our transcribed conversations, some lengthier than others, but all extremely entertaining. Alice prefaced this by explaining that the point was to see that dialogue/conversation is not always a “back and forth” sensible exchange, and that often participants are on completely different wavelengths, and often interrupt and misinterpret each other. The examples we brought all highlighted the vagaries nicely. She then asked us to change the conversation so that one participant was clearly lying, just to see how the subtleties of wording can indicate this without the reader actually knowing that a lie was going to be told.
We wrapped up with a long chat about Alice’s publishing journey and the difficulties of finding an agent, the benefits of taking writing courses, and the pros and cons of paying an editor. She also inspired us as a group with stories of how The Singapore Writers’ Group (which Alice founded) self-published a book of short stories…perhaps our next challenge!
The evening was informative, inspiring, helpful and above all enjoyable.


4 thoughts on “Dialogue with Alice Clark-Platts

  1. A nice write up of a very enjoyable and informative evening. I shall be purchasing Alice’s book at the weekend, and I look forward to the next group meeting.

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