Fifth meeting – how time flies!

I can’t believe we have just held the fifth meeting of The Woldingham Writers’ Group! How time has flown since that first night, 5 months ago, when we all turned up, notebooks in hand, full of enthusiasm but not quite sure what to expect.

With no new members tonight the seven of us settled into a discussion of what we had all done writing-wise since the last meeting. It seems that July has been a busy month so far with, for many, little time for writing.

Sophie has finished her “Starting to Write Fiction” course with the UEA/WCN and told the group a little about the experience and insight she had gained into her own writing as a result which led to some discussions around keeping a writer’s notebook and how we each write – do we wait for inspiration to strike or do we just sit down and write “dumb stuff” until something good comes out?

We also discussed the talk Alice Clark-Platts gave us last week and what we felt we had learned (see Robin’s previous post on this). Then Robin came up with a suggestion –  how about we follow in the footsteps of The Singapore Writers’ Group and have a go at writing and publishing our own collection of short stories? We all agreed – so that is the task for us over the next few months. First drafts are due by the second Tuesday in August!

We then moved onto the feedback exercise. The task had been to write about a real life incident but to change the point of view. It was clear that point of view really impacted the reader’s interpretation of the incident – a description of events surrounding a runaway dog came across as the beginning of a murder mystery and a business trip to Moscow taken in the middle of the Cold War was reminiscent of a spy thriller! As always the feedback was thoughtful and well-received giving us lots of ideas for future development and points to work on.

Business matters

The bank account is not yet open but those present at the meeting completed a membership application form. Sophie will let everyone know when subscription money can be paid into the account.

The date of the next meeting is still to be decided as some people are likely to be on holiday on the second Tuesday of August. Once it is agreed it will be posted on the homepage.


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