September meeting – an introduction to non-fiction

We’ve just finished our seventh meeting and as usual it was an informative and fun evening. Sophie and Robin chatted to the group about the recent Guardian Masterclass they attended on how to find a literary agent, passing on some of the insights they gained from the evening. This led to a discussion on the fiction submissions process with members of the group who have been going through this outlining their experience to the rest of us.

We then moved onto our feedback exercise. This month the task was to write a non-fiction piece about a building. The pieces submitted were varied and interesting, taking us from Portsmouth to Bilbao, from Ireland to India and from Wales to Brighton. We discussed the different types of non-fiction writing and discovered through our varied responses the importance to the author of knowing the purpose of the piece. We also noted the fact that people reading non-fiction can be, perhaps, less patient with an author, than those reading fiction.

We then touched on our story anthology, the first meeting for which is taking place next Tuesday which led neatly onto the writing exercises which Sophie had planned for the next four months. The fiction exercises have been designed with writing a short story in mind and October’s exercise (there is a choice of a fiction or a non-fiction exercise) will be circulated to members by email.

Our next full meeting will take place on 13th October. Until then, happy writing!


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