October meeting – Story Germs

It was a small but select group of writers who met yesterday for the eighth meeting of The Woldingham Writers’ Group. We welcomed another prospective new member (who had bravely completed the writing task despite not having met any of us before) and spent some time chatting about what we had been up to writing-wise in general and over the past month.

Four of us had submitted our story germs and so we moved onto discussing them in a leisurely manner. Seeing how each writer had turned a set of isolated observations into the seeds of a story was fascinating. The task had made us realise that everything we saw in daily life, even the things we thought not worth noticing, was food for the imagination.

We discussed each germ in turn and brainstormed how the seed might be turned into a fully grown story. We also mentioned books that the story germs reminded us of so that the writer could add to their reading list, perhaps helping to generate more ideas.. Each writer went away with a number of new paths that could be followed should he or she wish.

We then discussed what we might want to do with the funds we have in the account and discussed the task for the next meeting – creating a character for the story which might result from the germ or another character altogether if the germ was not something the writer wanted to continue with.


Until then, happy writing!




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