November meeting – dystopian fiction and Freytag’s Pyramid

A bronze angel and a lonely girl, a man who carries around a homemade spiv, a lady who believes she is a dream goddess reincarnated and an elderly gentleman who is somehow disconnected from time itself. These were the characters we met at last night’s meeting. Many of these came out of the story seed exercise we did last month and those who had developed their story seed characters felt they now had much more to work on in order to develop the stories themselves.

So, we talked about story structure and plotting and did a short exercise involving Freytag’s Pyramid which was good fun and demonstrated that so much of a story is in the mind of the reader.

Moving onto business we discussed the story anthology and the looming deadline of 30th November 2015. Many of us had made a start on our stories and it was agreed we should press ahead and circulate our first drafts (or parts thereof, as applicable) on the deadline so as to keep the momentum with this project.

As usual this was all mixed in with updates from members on what they had been working on, a discussion of dystopian fiction in general (with reference to The Road, The Hunger Games and The Fire Sermon), ideas for future group exercises and plans for reviewing each other’s work in progress.

In short, another very enjoyable meeting of The WWG. Thanks to all who came along and good luck with those short stories!


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