April meeting: a post-Easter catch up

Well at first it was looking as though it was going to be a quiet meeting with no writing exercises to review but in the end 6 writers came along to our meeting last night, including one potential new member, all eager to get back to writing after the Easter holidays.

We spent the first half of the meeting catching up on the writing that everyone had been doing and the writing they would like to do. This involved an in depth discussion of the group’s views and experiences of maintaining a blog and the different ways and reasons a writer might have for setting one up, a round up of whether anyone had managed any more queries to agents recently (the answer was no) and a brief discussion of the status of our proposed short story collection.

Two members had circulated extracts from their novels in progress and so we then moved onto consider these. The feedback was extremely helpful and detailed enabling both writers to leave the meeting with positive steps to take in order to improve their work – whether the suggestions to try eating coal in order to describe its taste and to see if you can roll over with your hands tied behind your back were taken on board will be verified at the next meeting.

All in all an informative and fun evening as usual – we were very pleased to hear that the potential new member decided to join as a result, taking our membership up to a grand total of 14 members.

Our next meeting is on 10th May. We look forward to seeing you there and until then, happy writing!







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