May meeting – fear and peace

We met last Tuesday in Woldingham Village Club where we were very pleased to be warmly welcomed back by Neil and the team. Despite the growth of the club recently, unfortunately only a small group of members could make it but we were joined by two potential new members who wanted to find out about the group. The small number enabled us to talk in detail about our own reasons for joining the group as well as discussing the reasons why the potential new members were interested in doing so which led to some very interested discussions and we heard about some very exciting projects being contemplated by the potential new members.

We moved onto the writing exercise – to describe a room from the point of view of someone who had been scared while in the room and then again, from the point of view of someone who had been at peace there. The idea was to allow the feelings to come across in description of the room rather than telling the reader what had made the person feel fear or at peace. As usual the feedback was constructive and it was great to hear what the group thought about the ways in which the writers had tried to capture fear and peace in their descriptions.

We talked a little about our short story collection and an email will be circulated to members on this in due course and also discussed setting up critique groups to allow more specific and detailed critique to be provided on members’ work in progress. More details on that will follow.

We are looking forward to welcoming Madeleine Crisp, Beauty Editor of Star and New magazines, to our next meeting to talk about all things journalism.

We hope to see you all then.

Happy writing!



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