Another enjoyable evening….

Caroline Parkinson, one of our members, writes about our last meeting when we welcomed journalist, Madeline Crisp…..

Our June meeting was another enjoyable evening for The Woldingham Writer’s Group. Our guest speaker was Madeline Crisp, Beauty Editor for Star and New magazine who has had a long and interesting career as both an employed and freelance writer.

Madeline gave us an entertaining account of her career outlining the ups and downs of the industry and pitfalls to be aware of. We were interested to learn about the changes that the internet and social media have brought. It seems like every other business, that journalism has changed greatly since Madeline began her career and we now recognise the importance of using social media as a stepping stone to become a successful journalist. Madeline explained to us how to create a blog and then how to use your following to appear a credible writer, submit to the press and get published as a freelance journalist. It seems having a particular interest and concentrating on a niche market, enable you to be forefront in the minds of editors needing stories on particular subjects. Referencing and having contacts to interview and quote from are crucial.

A number of us were already interested in this field. I think I speak for us all when I thank Madeline for her time and our chairman for hosting and organising the event. Hopefully it will inspire us to put pen to paper or should I say, digits to keyboards and develop our writing in a new direction.


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