November meeting – a month ago now

It’s been a busy month and for once our regular monthly blog has slipped and the November meeting, which did take place, has not yet been summarised. Without further ado we shall get on with it now as a new blog post for our December meeting will be appearing here soon…

We met at Sophie’s house on Tuesday 8th November and having settled with our various cups of tea, water and wine we had our usual general catch up. We were then treated to the next chapter of the children’s novel work in progress which we all enjoyed commenting on before we started to review the first pages people had brought along. We talked through the ways in which John Grisham and John Steinbeck hooked their readers and thought through the use of the first person by Philippa Gregory. As usual an interesting discussion followed and we all came away with new insights into what it is that makes us impatient to turn the page.

Hopefully we are now equipped to use these in our own work.






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