February meeting – complex characters

Our newest member, Nick, talks about our February meeting….

It was a cold and clear night as I walked to my second meeting of the Woldingham Writers Group, and there was a halo of ice visible the moon.  I recall once telling someone that this was an omen of bad weather,  but the welcome was warm inside our host’s house. 

We had a great discussion of complex and nuanced characters, of evil rakes and people perhaps not so bad, but swept along by salt seas of emotion. Great store was set on recent episodes of Radio 4’s “The Archers”.  So nasty was one character that this had proven too difficult to listen to for some of our members, and the radio turned off. 

Agents, markets and genres were mentioned, which to be perfectIy honest I found somewhat prosaic. I was pleased, therefore, when the group turned to review a snippet of fantasy writing describing a magical faerie world, an alternative England. This led to talk of local history and folklore, including the delivery of food by helicopter to Woldingham in the harsh winter of ’62. 

We thought it best to do some writing exercises next time, on creating difficult, flawed and ambiguous characters. I resolved to go and look in a mirror, for inspiration.





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