May meeting – dogs eating custard and atomic bombs!

Thank you to Janine who has summarised our May meeting below:

May already! Ten of us gathered at Clarens including a guest attendee who has done creative writing as part of an OU degree course in English. We set off with an introduction to article writing and publishing by Jane, who shared a very useful structure for analysing various article ‘outlets’ and improving publication opportunities by fine tuning subject and style to the magazines’ readership profiles.

Zsuzsanna also introduced the 3-act approach to writing that provides a framework into which both plot and character development can be orchestrated.

A number of us had submitted the set exercise for this month: a short story in 100 words – these were reviewed by the group – all of them very different and though provoking. The discipline of limited canvas in terms of number of words with and endless palette of language is fun for some and slightly disturbing for others! Subjects ranged from custard eating dogs, life summarised, the effect of atomic bombs, Orion’s Belt and so much more. Janine mentioned JK Rowling and it all kicked off for a while – she won’t be saying that name again for a while.

Jenny and Sophie submitted a chapter of the YA novel and AF novel synopsis respectively. These drove quite complex reviews with very detailed ‘debates’ about both plot and character evolution. The synopsis was still proving a challenge to get the essence and key turning points across succinctly and without causing confusion. 

Unfortunately some members had to leave early and there was some disruption to the flow of the meeting. Perhaps we are better together around a table as that brings us closer together in more ways than one and more focused and dare the author suggest, respectful of each others work and the discussions themselves.

See you in June!  Where does the time go?





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