Short story and poetry collection – poetry collection moving at pace…finally

Update December 2018: we have published the poetry collection. Where Fishermen Stand is now available to purchase on Amazon. Please see “Our Books” for more information.

Update October 2018: we have a poetry collection! Watch this space for publication plans soon!

Update August 2018: We have compiled our first collection and are in the editing stage. Very exciting to finally nearly have something to publish!

Update: the group has agreed to continue to work on collating enough work for a collection. We hope to be able to update on this further later in 2017.

We have challenged ourselves to put together an anthology of our work to be published by Christmas 2016.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please do get in touch.


30th November 2015 – First draft of one or more stories/poems submitted for group review

31st January 2016 – First draft of second and third story/poem submitted for group review

31st March 2016 – Final drafts submitted to Editorial team

31st May 2016 – line editing, copychecking and proofreading complete. Manuscript of book in final form.

30th September 2016 – final date for publication

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